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Come on then, I’ll show you the business district.

Martin Kath – adelphi

You’ll like this. As well as the pedestrians, there are also quite a few cyclists out and about. Curious about the lack of cars, a young woman asks how people would cover longer distances. We have invested in an intelligent underground transport system. A Personal Rapid Transit Network (PRT), which is a mixture of private and public transport. All vehicles are powered by hydrogen, magnetic or electronic power.


We were very surprised back then to learn that most citizens wanted a car-free city. After all, this didn’t fit with the usual patterns of thinking. The only explanation was that our approach, on the level of the senses, brought out people’s needs for peace and nature even more strongly. Most of them, like the inhabitants of many other cities, didn’t want to suffocate in traffic jams and waste their time behind the wheel. Rather, they wanted a backdrop of natural sounds but also the freedom of rapid movement. We tried to solve this with the underground PRT system.


Meanwhile, one participant is astonished by the diversity of the architecture and strokes the silkworm-woven façade of the house. Many buildings tower up into the sky, but no one is like the other: we are surrounded by facades of algae and wood, soft and varied materials, green terraces and roofs, curved towers, and imaginatively stacked floors. It’s a colorful interplay of different elements that come together to form a puzzle.


Martin Kath – adelphi

“What’s that over there?” asks one participant. That’s our knowledge playground for young and old. Some children are sitting with a group of students and scientists in a climbing frame and experimenting with new irrigation sensors. Every quarter has cross-generational learning locations like this one. In many places, age segregation is a major issue. Our hope is, with the help of such meeting places, to build a bridge not only between young and old but also between science and practical experience.