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Thinking, feeling, and doing in the post-growth city

For example, participants brought plants to green up the city, a broom for equally shared housework, an apple for local refreshment, and sustainable grain coffee. With the aid of these everyday objects, it became clear that the post-growth city can begin everywhere, now, here, immediately, and without much effort – so that the post-growth city doesn’t remain merely a utopian thought!


How were the participants encouraged to think about a post-growth city on an emotional level?


The concept of the manifesto was very open. At the beginning of the conference, we asked all participants the question: which feelings and emotional associations did the conference evoke for you? We then asked them to illustrate feelings or sensual impressions. With this appeal we wanted to break up the strongly text- and writing-heavy culture of scientific conferences and encourage the participants to try other forms of communicating knowledge. They were free to choose whichever media or means of expression they wanted. Over the day and a half of the conference, they gathered small objects like an origami swan, little poems, plant seeds, a warm blanket for protection, and countless thought-provoking stimuli and invitations or requests. Goal: to break up the strongly text- and writing-heavy culture of scientific conferences Our idea was to include the participants as designers in the conference documentation so that they had more individualized memories and impressions and thus got more out of it.


In addition, in the Sense the City workshop that accompanied the conference, we used methods of sensory urban experience and urban recording to integrate students from the Faculties of Art and Design and Architecture and Urbanistics. Students experimented with the smells, sounds, materials, and tastes of a city and felt which emotions and associations are associated with them. The students developed sensory models either of a future-oriented city or of Weimar as a post-growth city.