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The city as an expanding forest

Future Factory Arch Week ┬® Maki Ochoa-32


The future city is curvy and borderless; it breathes in the rhythm of nature.  



Tuning into our senses, we realize that what we want is the smell of grass rather than the smell of car exhaust. We want freshness, tranquillity and nature. Our vision for the urban future is green, not grey.

The only restraints are imposed by nature and the wilderness. 

We have been shaping nature to fit our needs in such a way that it has become almost impossible to find untouched greenery in most of today’s metropolises. Like a virus, humans have been dominating and degrading nature. This has gone on for long enough. Now it is time for nature to strike back.


The first step would be to replace the current concept of urban planning with one that follows the natural flow of forests and other greenery. No more rigid grid plans or pre-set city borders. The only restraints are imposed by nature and the wilderness. Whenever they expand, the city expands correspondingly. We want to free the cities from the ever-present rationality and introduce emotionality. We want to break the grid.


To depict and communicate this natural flow, our buildings should have curvy shapes without any edges. We associate edgy corners with borders, and we do not want any boundaries. We want people to feel free when walking around the city.