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Happy Owners – a surreal real estate company with alternative visions for the future of cities

Luxury admist sacred Nature | Soazic Guèzennec

Soazic Guèzennec

In 2013 Soazic Guèzennec founded the real estate company “Happy Owners” – a surreal agency that makes the language and codes of the property sector its own in order to promote a poetic and political vision of the city. 


The starting point of this work was the discrepancy between the vision of a green city left over to nature, like that marketed by real estate advertisements in India, and the brutal reality. Soazic Guèzenne read the slogans and took the property marketers at their word, developing architectural projects in which nature would assert itself in a poetic and at times even violent fashion. The result was designs where buildings become waterfalls, mushrooms infiltrate the city, or mountains fall from the sky like the landscape’s prosthetics. To convey these utopias in a believable way, the firm used classic real estate strategies and media – videos, brochures, blueprints, models, promotional posters, and a room that imitates a business environment. 


Thanks to the support of Columbia University, Soazic Guèzenne has now opened 10 branches in India, Turkey, and Germany, presented the project to various architectural schools and design fairs, and taken part in the 2018 exhibition “Habitarum” in the French Museum La Condition Publique. Each of these real estate agencies takes into account the local context and seeks to lay the groundwork for the emergence of new forms.