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Sense The City

What city of the future do we want to live in?

We have ideas


So what are our dreams and wishes for the city of the future? Hard to say. All too often the focus is on solving acute issues. Too rarely do we take time to ask how we actually want to change, which future we want. There is a lack of vision, partly because thinking about the future is so difficult for us.


Sense the City is therefore breaking new ground and searching for people’s visions of the future – all at the level of the senses. By asking how the city of the future should sound, smell, taste, look, and feel, we create new spaces for feeling and thinking, in order to engage with and shape the future in a more optimistic and creative way. We create these visions with people from different backgrounds and experts from different disciplines, bringing their ideas to life on this site. The stories told here should inspire – to dream, to participate and to vision.

Sense The City is young.

Sense The City plays with all the senses.

Sense The City begins where tomorrow ends.

Sense The City enables us to shape change.

Sense The City tells stories.

Sense The City is long overdue.


Are you curious about what Sense the City actually is and want to learn more? You want to share your vision for the future with us or support Sense the City, but you don’t know how? Then write us an email or give us a call. The ladder to the future is stable.

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