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Dare to size the future – A plea for bold visions

Creative vision requires new spaces and, above all, alternative approaches that go beyond the purely cognitive. Sensory approaches that allow people to dream freely with all their senses and emotions and draw up visions of the future offer great potential in this regard. Early results show that reverting to the human senses as an entry point for visioning processes can help people to design their futures more creatively, freely, and optimistically (Allmendinger 2017).

„Creative vision requires new spaces.“


This is exactly where our project Sense the City comes in. With the help of a newly developed vision methodology – which combines multisensory stimuli with art-based approaches and methods from futurology – we want to enable people to explore their desires and ideas for the city of the future. By asking how the city of the future should sound, smell, taste, look and feel, we want to release visionary energies that create new perspectives for the future design of our cities.






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